Ford offers to deal with traffic jams using cryptocurrency

Ford offers to deal with traffic jams using cryptocurrency

The American car manufacturer Ford has filed a patent for a device to communicate between vehicles, which includes the exchange of cryptographic tokens to optimize traffic flow.

Traffic jams, according to the patent application Ford from September 16, 2017, are often “exacerbated by the psychological drivers of people that focus on their individual preferences with respect to the time for the trip”. The patent proposes a way around these individual preferences through a system of “Jointly managed the merger and pass (CMMP)”.

In the application discussed the possibility for vehicles equipped with communication modules and combines adaptive cruise control (CACC), to deal with congestion through the interaction with other vehicles by exchanging tokens CMMP and switching them with individual priority group if necessary.

Cars with such a communication system would be to use tokens CMMP in separate transactions, the entire flow of traffic will be governed by this system. For example, cars whose drivers have sacrificed their individual temporal preferences for the benefit of the total flow, will receive tokens from other participants in traffic as a reward.

If one of the drivers is late somewhere, then it can offer other road users to give way or accelerate its motion for a fee, which will be paid in the form of tokens.

Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz and its parent company, Daimler AG, introduced its own digital currency based on the blockchain that would reward responsible drivers who follow the rules of ecological driving coins that you can use to visit VIP events.

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