Forbes: Companies with billions in market capitalization that use the blockchain

Forbes: Companies with billions in market capitalization that use the blockchain

April 16, Forbes presented a list of companies with a market capitalization or profit of a billion dollars that use blockchain technology. In addition to the traditional financial firms by type of banks and clearing-houses, it has also been found food companies, firms in the supply chain management and other teams.

Of course, not without its giants Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, ING, Mastercard, Microsoft and Nestle. Among cryptomery noted American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the European mining pool and equipment manufacturer Bitfury, and a network of financial services based on blockchain and the Ripple company — the ancestor token XRP.

The list also indicated which of the blockchain Protocol uses. The leading positions are occupied by different protocols Hyperledger Protocol Corda for blockchain-R3 consortium and the Ethereum network. They are running many companies in different industries.

Forbes, for example the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC) notes the potential of blockchain technology to simplify various business processes. The company is accounting for 90 million transactions daily and is a big part of the world 48 trillion in securities.

According to news Agency, the firm will begin to transfer 50 thousand accounts in the system based on the technology of the distributed registry. This should help to eliminate duplicate procedures and verification that can occur in traditional electronic clearing networks.

In mid-March, DTCC published withpaper, which sets out the principles of processing licenzirovanie securities immediately after the transaction. The document highlights the unique characteristics of emerging market licenzirovanie securities.

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