For the sake of making cryptocurrencies John McAfee is even ready to “move” trump

For the sake of making cryptocurrencies John McAfee is even ready to “move” trump

1 Nov programmer and cryptoanalysis John McAfee again talked to Cointelegraph. He spoke about his intention to use the presidential candidate as a trigger to promote inclusive cryptocurrency.

On the basis of speech McAfee Blockchain Summit in Malta, the Creator of the popular antivirus plans to develop “colorimetries platform” and benefit from its credibility purely for the sake of the spread of cryptocurrency. However, he was sure that no one is going to elect him President.

Of his intention to run for President in 2020, McAfee said in June 2018. This is not the first attempt by McAfee to take the presidency. In 2016, he’s already tried to nominate a candidate of the libertarian party. His Evangelical stance against the cryptocurrency, he explains the concept of “personal freedom”. During the presidential rally he wants to make the emphasis on personal freedom and how cryptocurrency can help the society to achieve it.

“I’m going to talk about cryptocurrencies. I don’t want to be President. Yes, I couldn’t… because no one will vote for me. However, the right to run for office I have.”

In an interview, he once again wished Bitcoins growth to a million dollars. And it will happen “before the next presidential election.” However, John noted that 1 million today, and 1 million at the time — two different amounts. The reason is that Fiat currency, logically, begins to leak into the cryptocurrency markets.

At the peak of the bubble ICO McAfee hunted paid advertising projects. The businessman told that he takes 100 thousand dollars for advertising of the ICO projects. However, he later stopped doing it due to “threats” from the Commission on securities (SEC).

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