Football legend Luis Figo believes in Fiat, but will face ICO

Football legend Luis Figo believes in Fiat, but will face ICO

Legendary Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo recently signed a contract with Stryking Entertainment, which made him the brand Ambassador to promote the ICO of this project.

Luis Figo said he immediately liked the platform Stryking Entertainment “Stars of Football”, which aims to tokenservice fantasy sports.

Edition of CCN was able to communicate with Stryking Entertainment and Luis Figo. During the interview, Figo said that he’d always loved the world of business, and that continues to do business after retirement from professional sports. When he first learned about cryptocurrency, Luis noted that it is not the expert, but is aware all the prospects of this “very new industry.”

The player added that his role in Stryking has more to do with the creation and development of the community than with cryptocurrency, though they are inseparable from the project. Journalists asked Luis if he owns himself cryptocurrencies. Figo said:

“No. Yet. I’m still traditional in this area, but now this industry is booming, and, of course, you must have the information and not to be left behind.”

Becoming a brand Ambassador Stryking, Figo has joined the growing list of celebrities endorsing the ICO. Among them, the world Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, a famous football player Luis Suarez and the English football star Michael Owen.

When co-founder Stryking Christian Szymanski, who was present during the interview, asked risk Figo, presenting his project, he replied that Stryking different from fraudulent ICO, such as Centra Tech.

He Stryking, as noted by Szymanski, already owns a real fantasy football platform in partnership with two large organizations of Germany. Christian is configured to advance the platform, so the company is not controlled centrally. Users can publish their own content and to share information about the football industry and to develop functions, which, in their opinion, necessary.

Tokens Stryking is designed to unlock special content and special features. As for the impact on the industry, Nevermind, it seems, will not be the impetus for a bullish trend, as it is a “fantasy game” for those who loves sports, but has no chance to become a “real coach” or President of the club”

Definitely, Luis will draw the attention of football fans on this project. Although he is not sure that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology will be part of the future, Figo added that the Stryking tokens are generated for users to enjoy and have fun and not be rich.

“Our goal is to create a large community, so the framework may become more interesting. We want to attract fans, so they can contribute to the development, voicing new ideas. When something really interesting is that people enjoy it and be happy.”

Sale token STRYKZ is planned in collaboration with the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

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