Following Japan and South Korea – the country is ready to bitcoin-mania

Following Japan and South Korea – the country is ready to bitcoin-mania

Which country will be next will go crazy for bitcoin?

As you may have noticed, the world is crazy about bitcoin. You don’t have to bring this up in conversation with colleagues, friends and relatives. They ask you questions. While Western investors are only intrigued by bitcoin, South Korea and Japan are already completely succumbed to this mania. Which country will be next will go crazy for bitcoin?

Hooked on the blockchain

Bitcoin is a tempting creature. First, he is confusing. Then lures. And then he captures you into their digital arms. No time to blink, already looking for answers in subforum on Reddit about the best fanfold paper for printing private keys and are guided in the meme, understood little (Yes, like HODL).

After buying bitcoin is difficult to stop.

The turnover of bitcoin currencies.

This new world order is welcomed in the two countries – South Korea and Japan. The Japanese buy (and spend) bitcoin and the Koreans sell them. About 70% of global bitcoin trading is happening in the yen or Korean won. Neighboring States in the lead, but other countries have also revived. Bitcoin has already attracted many States. But the next four countries most likely to be kleptomania.

South Africa

Google Trends can easily help to identify emerging markets. His data is not conclusive, but it can be used to identify the relevant “pockets” around the world. South Africa is an extremely large “pocket” for the search query “bitcoin payment”, and the population of the country is interested in everything related to cryptocurrency. On request “buy bitcoin”, the country occupies the fourth place in the world in the last 90 days.

Two countries above South Africa in the ranking African – Nigeria and Ghana. They are many people without Bank accounts, and more and more Africans in countries such as Zimbabwe, depend on remittances from relatives working abroad. Bitcoin is perfect for that.

Prosperity of bitcoin in any country needs two things – the interest of the public and a favorable regulatory environment. South Africa meets all these requirements. The government announced a “balanced approach” to the regulation of cryptocurrencies, and the second-largest supermarket chain is now testing a payments in bitcoins.

Global search trends for the query “buy bitcoin” for 90 days.


Australia has already “contracted” the fascination with bitcoin, but the symptoms indicate that it may develop into a fever, the same as in Japan. Search “buy bitcoin” and “pay with bitcoin” in Google Trends Australia ranks second last 90 days. One of the Australian utilities over a week processes the payment at the bitcoin in the amount of 750,000 U.S. dollars. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The reserve Bank of Australia saw the potential in blockchain technology. In the case of full involvement of the country in the bitcoin Australian dollar will spolzat on the basis of the volume of bitcoin official currency.


Slovenia could easily be listed because the country is home to influential cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. But instead, the place of its European sister – Estonia. In this friendly technologies to the country, which itself calls “a new digital nation,” there are even electronic passports for “world citizens”. Here is also welcomed on blockchain technology and create plans to implement their own national cryptocurrency.

Despite its progressiveness, this Northern-European country has made conflicting statements on the status of cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the demand for cryptocurrencies in Estonia is quite high, which has generated a lot of FINTECH startups in the economy of tokens this year. If the government officially accepts bitcoin, Estonia will become the market leader in the field of financial technology solutions, blockchain and digital register.


Venezuela is a dark horse in terms of adopting cryptocurrency. It is not found in the top positions of the lists in Google Trends. Nevertheless, the demand for alternative means of payment and saving mechanism in the country is quite large. The government has not made any attempt to ban bitcoin, but the police have tightened measures against all who are engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies. The problem is not so in the mining as in the theft of electricity, which is quite frequent. On the other hand, inflation in the country this year was 700%, and this figure could reach 2300% next year. In view of this, you can’t blame 100 000 inhabitants in the desire of mine own money.

Sorry for the further growth of bitcoin in Venezuela, the standard of living to decline even more, to force impoverished people to take action. If to overthrow the weakened government would be a full-scale revolution, then everything is possible even the country in which the national currency is the bitcoin.

This list can include other countries, including Singapore and many African States. The interest in bitcoin touches any place in the world, from developed countries to developing, from stable to unstable. The adoption of cryptocurrency is comparable with a quick change of balance of forces on the world stage. While leading Japan and North Korea, but that could change.

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