Five blockchain-companies that deserve special attention, according to the Wall Street Journal

Five blockchain-companies that deserve special attention, according to the Wall Street Journal

For many, the year 2018 is the year of the blockchain. Technology has achieved considerable success and became popular among businesses.

Year of the Blockchain continues, and The Wall Street Journal published its annual list of “Tech Companies to Watch”. Of the 25 selected companies, five are blockchain startups. Last year in this list, no such company was not.

The five top-blockchain startups looks like this:

  1. Blockstream Corp
  2. R3
  3. Digital Asset Holdings, LLC.
  4. Brave Software, INC.
  5. Abra

The leader in this list the company Blockstream, which is developing technologies for micro-and solutions for the Bitcoin network, and in conjunction with the Intercontinental Exchange (the operator of the new York stock exchange) creates a system of cryptocurrency quotes for traders.

R3, which occupies the sixth position in the list of 25 companies, the media was accused of non-viability of the project. CEO David Rutter issued a statement in which he denied the rumors. Inclusion in the list of The Wall Street Journal, of course, will contribute to the development of the company.

In the accompanying analysis by the WSJ reporter, David Pettit wrote:

“The growing attention to cryptocurrencies helped convince highly skilled entrepreneurs to start to implement the blockchain in their businesses”.

Each of these projects is based on different value propositions and goals, but the list is generally compiled using the same criteria.

The list is focused on the perspective it seeks to identify companies that have created a solid Foundation and are now ready to grow further. It is being developed on nominations, presented the technical data analysts.

To qualify, companies must be in business since the beginning of 2013, and measured from 50 to 500 million U.S. dollars. Other factors include:

  • The founders
  • The list of investors
  • The volume of attracted venture capital
  • The growth of the labor force
  • The reputation of the company

In addition to the technology of the blockchain, the list of 2018 got company, specializing in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Several previously recognized companies after their inclusion in the list of the WSJ development gained serious momentum. For example, “Ring”, the manufacturer of cameras for door bells # 7 in last year’s list, was acquired by Amazon for $ 1 billion.

Other examples include Argus Cyber Security, which was acquired for $ 400 million , and Earnest Inc., I bought for $ 155 million .

The recognition of these companies testifies to the fact that the Blockchain technology in relation to the adoption of the cryptocurrency surpassed their roots

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