First Turkish bitcoin was a Scam at $211 million dollars

First Turkish bitcoin was a Scam at $211 million dollars

It looks like another cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme has borne fruit. Company executives first cryptocurrency Turkey fled the country, taking with him 1 billion Turkish liras ($211 million) investment.

According to the local media, Istanbul-based company Hipper Inc. attracted millions during ICO “national” cryptocurrency Turcoin.

The founders of the company Mehmet Aydin (Mehmet Aydın) and Sadun Kaya (Sadun Kaya) created a “rival global virtual currency Bitcoin”. To attract to the project the maximum attention in the promotion was carried out by Turkish celebrities. And in October last year between early investors played a costly Mercedes.

Despite the fact that reports seem to differ as to the exact nature of the alleged scheme, it is considered that the company promised customers a monthly income of 250 TL for investments in the amount of 1500 lire, and the annual income of about 3,000 pounds.

Because of the actions of Kaya and Aydin accused of fleeing the country with most of the revenue, injured the other partner Hipper Inc. Mohammed Satiroglu, who claims that he was not a party to the fraud:

“I didn’t run away with the money and return all funds to investors as soon as the authorities will unlock my Bank account. In this case we are talking about serious corruption.”

Well, the statement about the corruption sounds not so absurd. In the modern world assignment government private funds is not that uncommon.

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