FINTECH startup Uphold added Ripple

FINTECH startup Uphold added Ripple

Uphold FINTECH startup announced Wednesday that it has added support for Ripple (XRP).

XRP added to the existing list of cryptocurrencies available to Uphold, which includes bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin, cash, and others.

According to the Vice-Chairman J. P., Tierra, earlier this month the company conducted a poll among its followers on Twitter, the result of XRP received 51% of the votes (scored more than 12,000 votes).

Integration of XRP took about a month:

As a rule, we have to work through contractors. We need to create an integration with a third party. In the case of XRP is a completely new blockchain – it’s not like adding a token standard ERC-20, that for us it is not difficult.

XRP you can buy or sell without a fee, and can also be used for the exchange of other seven cryptocurrencies, 23 Fiat currencies and 4 precious metal.

According to Uphold, the next step is to integrate with the Ripple network that will allow direct deposits and withdrawals via Ripple network. The company said this should happen in the next few weeks.

Recall that in January, former managing risk in Ripple invested in Uphold of 57.5 million dollars.

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