“Father of the Internet” is working on a block chain project that focuses on privacy

“Father of the Internet” is working on a block chain project that focuses on privacy

Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web almost 30 years ago, giving it free to users from around the world. Since then many years have passed and today the father of the Internet was seriously concerned about the future of his creation. He doesn’t like the fact that his brainchild has become controlled by governments and large organizations.

However, Berners-Lee is not the person who will sit idly by and watch what he has created, turns into something scary to think about. For example, his work with the nonprofit World Wide Web consortium (W3C) now occupies most of his time, in particular, persistent work over a two-year project Solid.

Although Solid is not yet ready for Prime time, in his interview with Vanity Fair Berners-Lee talks a bit more about the project and how it can change the way you use the Internet.

Intentions Solid simple: to decentralize the Internet to be controlled by the user, not corporations. Solid is a project open source, which anyone can join and contribute code.

“In the lab there are people who are trying to figure out how to change the Internet. What will happen if we give people privacy and give people control over their data. We are building a whole ecosystem”.

The intention of Berners-Lee and a Solid — to take away from large Internet companies power over private user data, it refers to Google, Amazon, Facebook and the like. Controlling their data, users can choose how the data is to be used for profit.

Despite the fact that Solid has been around for several years, progress was not too great. But recently, Berners-Lee and his team have overcome an important milestone, and their work has accelerated markedly. Those who work closely with Tim, saying that his passion for the project competes with his passion for the original development of a network of three decades ago.

But no matter how hard Berners-Lee working at Solid, he can not feel depressed because of the current news related to the Internet. According to him, when such things happen, like Cambridge Analytica scandal or allegations that Russia has intervened in elections in 2016 in the United States, he feels a strong moral pain.

In some ways, the destruction that is now taking place with the Internet, fueling its work on Solid. It is hoped that the project will be ready for release in the near future, as user privacy and control over personal data is important to all of us now more than ever.

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