Famous comedian buys bitcoins to hide their capital from the government and wife

Famous comedian buys bitcoins to hide their capital from the government and wife

Famous U.S. comedian bill Cosby, desperate to save what was left of his $ 500 million, converts cash money into “virtual currency” to hide wealth from their creditors, governments and long-suffering wife Camille.

Cosby transferred to bitcoins 5 million after the expert explained the principle of operation of cryptocurrencies, the transactions in which it is almost impossible to track.

Such a strong need to hide all that is acquired back-breaking labor, have arisen in the life of a comedian is not just. The fact that 81-year-old Cosby was previously found guilty on three counts in the rape case.

According to the publication, Radar Online, convicted rapist needs $ 25 million for unpaid legal bills. Bill also gave all the credit accounts for their homes in new York and California.

A source close to Cosby reported that the comedian “does not intend” to pay court costs. Moreover, his humiliated wife, 74-year-old Camille, will fight for every penny in court during a divorce.

According to the same source, bitcoin is designed to Fund the potential withdrawal from justice.

“For me, this thing is a huge red flag,” says Frank Ahearn, author of “How to disappear”. — Cryptocurrency dropped in price and you have turned inside-out, but to buy Bitcoin right now. He is an irreplaceable tool if you are planning an escape.”

26 APR Cosby was convicted of the rape. According to the testimony of the victim named Andrea Constand, in 2004, he was drugged, then raped. Legal team of the actor does not deny the existence of sexual relations, but argues that that happened by mutual consent.

CNN noted that over the past few years, dozens of women made accusations of sexual harassment and rape at Cosby. However, only accusations from Constant led to litigation in the criminal case.

81-year-old monster who will be sentenced September 24 and which faces up to 30 years behind bars, is now preparing for the worst, hiring a prison consultant in order to save their lives.

“The label rapist is not something worth to cross the threshold of the prison,” said prison expert Cosby. — Sex offenders — instant target inside.”

Sources confirmed that Cosby was locked in a makeshift cell in the attic of the third floor of his mansion, eats meals in the prison style and demands that his staff scolded him, if he retreats from the schedule.

Bill Cosby has gained wide popularity in the USA in the 1960-ies with the release of the television series “I spy”. For the main role in this series, he received the American television award “Emmy”, becoming the first black actor to be awarded this award.

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