Facebook revokes ban on advertising of crypto-currencies

Facebook revokes ban on advertising of crypto-currencies

Facebook has updated its advertising policy, and resolved to advertise the cryptocurrency. However, the ban on advertising of ICO remains in force.

In his statement on this occasion, the representatives of the company announced that in recent months they tried to find the most appropriate model for the cryptocurrency industry to enable to advertise companies of this industry, but at the same time to ensure the safety of users:

Since June 26 we […] allow the advertising of crypto-currencies and related content from pre-approved advertisers. But advertising binary options is and ICO is still prohibited.

Recently updated policy requires that advertisers that want to run ads of its crypto products to apply, and Facebook will review it and based on the submitted information will make the decision. Applicants are requested to include “any license they possess, as well as other information about their business.”

Given these limitations, Facebook recognizes that “not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do it.” The company States that it may change its policy in the future based on user feedback. In addition, Facebook said that it will continue to “study” the technology underlying the cryptocurrency.

Facebook first introduced the ban on advertising of ICO and cryptocurrency in January 2018. The reason for the ban was that according to Facebook, in this niche too many Scam projects which people can lose money.

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