Facebook criticized for using phone numbers

Facebook criticized for using phone numbers

Facebook was faced with another negative reaction about the confidentiality of data; this time about processing telephone numbers of users.

The platform has gained access to phone numbers of users in 2011 to enable “two factor authentication”, which is a security measure. However, it became known that users cannot change the privacy setting that allows other users Instagram Facebook and find the profiles of the phone number.

In addition, according to the Gizmodo report, published in September, Facebook uses phone numbers of individuals to embed targeted advertising.

The current wave of criticism has caused Jeremy Berge, when he was asked to share my phone number with the moderation of the fan pages in Facebook.

“Usually, I am inclined to doubt, – said the Burge, but here it is quite clear that Facebook considers the phone number as a way to unify the data sets (FB, email, Insta: user name, WhatsApp: phone #). Such things as the provision of rooms only reduce the degree of confidence.”

In a Facebook comment that made it difficult to search for users according to their contact details, except for those cases when users have downloaded the contacts from the phone book using the mobile app Facebook.

Perhaps such a policy platform social network allows you to experience a clear enthusiasm about the appearance of coins, called Coin Facebook.

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