Facebook confirmed that partners had access to personal user messages

Facebook confirmed that partners had access to personal user messages

In the light of large-scale experiments with bloccano the largest social network of its views on the privacy of users is particularly relevant.

It is interesting to assess the scale and at least try to imagine what Facebook can inform third parties about the users of their future blockchain services or (as some think cryptomnesia), even “fascina”.

Representatives from Facebook confirmed that the partners of other technology companies have access to private messages of users of social networks, but claim that this was done with the permission of users.

Important here is the context of the company’s response came after the publication of a separate investigation in the New York Times. According to the publication, a number of companies, including Netflix, Spotify and Royal Bank of Canada, had the opportunity to read, delete and even send messages on behalf of users of the social network.

The publication caused a lot of noise mentioned partner companies hastened to disown this honor, in particular, Spotify, and Netflix argue that even didn’t know about the whole range of powers that gave generously of their Facebook, and representatives of the Royal Bank of Canada questioned the fact that they generally had access to private messages. Meanwhile, the NYT claims that a certain degree of access to personal data of social network users received at different times over hundreds of companies.

In turn, Facebook claims that in no way violate the laws, and that access to personal data is provided with the consent of the users. The user of the social network also claims that all work within the project “instant personalization” service, which allowed users to link your account in Facebook with other services and platforms, and see which of your friends also uses third-party services were curtailed in 2014. However, “some components” of this service have not been removed or blocked, allowing other companies to continue to user information of Facebook. A list of existing API and the list of partners that have access to them, already reviewed, assured in the company.

As earlier it became known that Facebook is actively seeking specialists in the blockchain, preparing something as ambitious as secret. It will be interesting to see how the blockchain that combines publicly available data with their protection, will along with the company’s policy, so generously giving powers of their partners.

On the other hand, the company, Mark Zuckerberg, by virtue of its scale interesting maximum coverage-the potential audience of its product, most likely, not the blockchain and cryptoanalysis with experience, and ordinary users. Those who are willing to generously share their data with anyone, because you never take the trouble to delve into the user agreement.

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