F1 champion Fernando Alonso puts your entire digital library in the blockchain Kodak

F1 champion Fernando Alonso puts your entire digital library in the blockchain Kodak

World champion of Formula 1 and the recent winner of the Les Mans 24 Fernando Alonso will be one of the first well-known athletes, which will put the entire digital library with its participation in the blockchain.

WENN Digital Inc and the famous racer signed a partnership agreement with platform KODAKOne Image Rights Management to protect professional and personal photos of Alonso as well as video with his participation.

The agreement between Alonso and WENN Digital will provide fans and photographers access to the future platform KODAKOne, allowing them not only to download, register and protect the copyright of the photos and videos your favorite F1 racer, but also in some cases to get the reward.

“We live in a world based on the distribution of content through various channels, especially during major events such as F1 and WEC. I’m glad to know that I have the opportunity to reward their fans and professional photographers for their creativity and that the content they create can be protected with a single platform”.

Speaking to CCN, chief commercial officer of Digital WENN Benedict Dohnany, explained that fans of the rider, as well as professional photographers can now really make good money selling photos of Alonso.

“As you can imagine, with Fernando Alonso removed every year hundreds of thousands of photos and videos. In the past he was not able to track where all these images. With access to KODAKOne he will take comfort in knowing that all his photos and videos are protected and accessible in one place. Through the partnership, fans of Alonso will also be able to receive remuneration for the exchange of photos and videos. Moreover, at its core, this transaction brings together two worlds which play an important role for Alonso and other athletes: the world of his fans and his professional world. Protection from both of these worlds, for example, the copyright of the photographers really makes this deal unique,” added Dohnany.

Dohnany also confirmed that WENN intend to launch a coin KODAKOne by the end of 2018/early 2019.

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