Expedia have removed bitcoin as a payment method

Expedia have removed bitcoin as a payment method

The largest booking site in travel – Expedia.com recently stopped taking bitcoin (BTC) as payment method for booking hotels and flights.

The Expedia representative confirmed that the service is “more unavailable”, starting from June 10, 2018. The company has not commented on the cancellation of this payment method nor on the company website or in social networks.

During the discussion on Reddit, some users suggested a number of alternatives Expedia, CheapAir such as that started to accept bitcoin for booking flights and hotels in 2013.

Reddit user bowiestar noted that the majority of employees in it industry usually received part of their salary in cryptocurrency and, in his opinion, Expedia will eventually lose some of their customers.

Expedia.com one of the biggest sites for booking tickets/hotels where you can pay with bitcoins in for many years… During your next visit to the website for booking flights I found that they no longer accept bitcoin. The customer service said that they stopped taking bitcoin on June 10th… so Many of us get part of the salary in bitcoin and it was great, when Expedia took bitcoins. I don’t wanna use this site!

The extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, apparently, are not afraid of a veteran of the it industry and many of them even get paid in bitcoin.

Expedia began taking bitcoin for payment in June 2014, after the introduction of the solution from Coinbase. Some members of the cryptocurrency community community suggested that Expedia refused to accept payments in bitcoin due to changes in policy Coinbase. The above-mentioned competitor, Expedia, CheapAir switched from Coinbase to BitPay for this reason.

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