Executive Director Nasdaq: cryptocurrencies are now at the peak of the hype

Executive Director Nasdaq: cryptocurrencies are now at the peak of the hype

In an interview for Bloomberg Businessweek 5 Jun adena Friedman, President and chief Executive officer of Nasdaq Inc., said that cryptocurrencies are now at the “peak of hype” and may well be the “financial component”.

Friedman also stated that the company relies on the research approach in deciding how it will work in the market of digital currencies. Friedman believes that at the moment, cryptocurrencies have formed enough for them to appreciate the company and they have the potential to become a “financial component”.

At the same time, Friedman said that digital currencies are “very speculative asset class,” which has a kind of traditional basis or purpose in the field of international trade. She suggested that, as soon as cryptocurrencies become more Mature, they transformirovalsya in “a more efficient way of doing business”. She added that, at this point, to predict what it will be for cryptocurrency is not yet possible.

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Friedman believes that cryptocurrencies are at the “peak of hype” with a lot of players in the industry. Nasdaq, according to the CEO, found the opportunity to become more active in this nascent industry through its technology monitoring and market information to some of the cryptocurrency exchangers and exchanges.

As for blockchain, it believes that this technology is still unable to scale sufficiently to handle high trading volume Nasdaq. However, despite this, the technology now can be used in other areas:

There are entire industries where still used paper. In these industries the blockchain could be a boon..

I really think it’s an amazing technology that transformerait entire region in the long term. It is difficult to realize, because its deployment requires a network. But over time it will begin to play a major role in the financial sector.

In April, Friedman said that does not rule out that Nasdaq, in the future, can become a marketplace for trading crypto-currencies and other digital assets.

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