Exclusive: Telegram release a blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency

Exclusive: Telegram release a blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency

Popular encrypted app – Telegram messenger will launch its own blockchain and cryptocurrency platform, according to informed sources.

The name of the new platform will be “The Open Network” or “Telegram Open Network” (TON). It is supposed to be based on an enhanced version of the blockchain technology.

Initial communication about the new platform appeared today, they announced Anton Rosenberg, a former employee of the Telegraph (service of publications of a Telegram). Rosenberg posted on Facebook, as he writes, the promotional video of the new platform (but the origin of the video, he did not specify). He also noted that TON be useful to people under the rule of despotic governments, because they will be able to transfer money directly through the messenger. This will help to loosen state control over the money of citizens, as added Rosenberg.

According to known data, the currency of the TON will be called “Gram” and the platform will be integrated by default in many of the most popular instant messengers (it is not known what). The platform will use lightweight wallets, so users will not need to download large and heavy the blockchain.

Platform TON have to go through the initial boot in a few years, like all new platforms, as the app Telegram already has 180 million users, according to Bloomberg.

Telegram is already extremely popular in the blockchain the community, as stated by its founder Pavel Durov:

“Now all the blockchain and cryptocurrency community has switched to using Telegram”.

Durov has not yet responded to the question about the launch of the new platform. While no official confirmation, but it is possible to draw Parallels create a TON with the previous vyskazyvaniyami in an interview:

“Durov considers the Telegram as a form of charity, which he’ll begin to translate into monetary value at the beginning of next year, but only for the purpose of financing the project”.

Russian Mark Zuckerberg

The mysterious Pavel Durov has teamed up with his brother to launch Telegram in 2013. The application provided end-to-end encryption, which has become extremely useful for dissidents and ordinary citizens living under the rule of dictatorial regimes. In fact, according to Bloomberg, Telegram accounts for about 40% of the Internet traffic in Iran. The Iranian government is so dissatisfied with the confidential functions of the application, even in absentia accused Durov of terrorism.

Pavel Durov

But Durov is not too worried; he has always given back to national governments. Together with his brother they founded the largest Russian social network Vkontakte, the cost of which reached $ 3 billion. VKontakte was similar to Facebook. But if Zuckerberg was able to maintain control (and a larger share of ownership), then Durov – no. After refusing to provide personal information to the Russian authorities, he was forced to sell its stake in the company to one of the allies of Putin. If Zuckerberg had the opportunity to take advantage of the IPO (IPO), the film uses the ICO (initial placement of coins) to transfer its creation in monetary terms.

After the sale of Vkontakte Durov left Russia finally, with about $ 300 million and 2,000 bitcoins. His substantial wealth he moved to Saint Kitts and Nevis where he has invested enough to become a citizen. However, most of the time he spends in Dubai.

Duras insists that the Telegram is not for sale at any price, as the privacy of users is too valuable to throw away:

“He’s not for sale even for $ 20 billion. And this lifetime guarantee”.

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