Exclusive: hackers robbed Coincheck trying to sell stolen altcoins

Exclusive: hackers robbed Coincheck trying to sell stolen altcoins

Hackers stole from Coincheck last week, about $ 530 million in bitcoin stolen travel tokens “XEM”.

NEM Foundation, the company-Creator of cryptocurrency “XEM”, tracked the stolen coins to an unidentified account and found out that the owner of the account got six tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. The location of the account, the hackers could not figure out.

“Hackers are trying to merge coins on multiple exchanges. We contacted these exchanges »

Trying to cover their tracks, the hackers send altcoins to random accounts in batches of 100 XEM ($83 ). Such actions help to circumvent the mechanism against money laundering, which can be triggered in case of a large number of coins. According to the website Coinmarketcap, a coin that was stolen by hackers, account for about 5 percent of the total volume of XEM, the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Hackers are unlikely to attempt to merge all the coins at once. The market simply “couldn’t swallow”.

If hackers managed to get coins to the exchange, they probably tried to exchange them for other currencies, before you withdraw in Fiat. This makes it difficult and makes it almost impossible in the end to track the stolen funds.

Since 2011 has been at least three dozen break-ins cryptocurrency exchanges; many of them subsequently closed. In total were stolen over 980 000 bitcoins, and only a few have been restored.

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