Exchange Binance hacked Russians?

Exchange Binance hacked Russians?

Many users are wondering what happened with 7,000 bitcoins (BTC) stolen from Binance. Now there’s a fake website where they sell them at competitive prices.

“7000 bitcoins are sold with 70% discount. It’s completely legal. You can purchase them from us and sell on any exchange except for the Binance. In accordance with a 20 BTC worth of ETH 3, ETH 2 – 0,2 BTC”.

The site is truly fake because in reality the team of hackers owns 7000 BTC that was tracked Whale Alert.

The site was created may 14, 2019, and its server is located in Russia. Those who use the plugin MetaMask, you will receive a warning about how the resource is included in the list Ethereum Phishing.

If you ignore the warning or in the absence of the plugin, to get the transaction to the fake website asks you to enter your bitcoin address, and then redirects to an ethereum address for payment.

Checking the address of scams, it is clear that less than 24 hours they have already collected 4 of the ether (ETH), totaling about $ 1000.

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