Evolution or a new Scam on the stock market: what to expect?

Evolution or a new Scam on the stock market: what to expect?

Recently there were reports about the alleged resurgence fork Segwit2x. Holding the fork was scheduled for approximately December 28 for block 50145.

Inspired by the canceled November forkom Segwit2x, this updated version is the product of a different team.

Members of the cryptocurrency community is not completely sure of it. Many of them wonder whether B2x Scam and some came to the conclusion that it is.

Began to occur more and more questions about it. This article aims to bring the facts and answers to such questions.

Questions on command Segwit2x

Until recently, the web site resumed fork were given only three team members: Jaap, Terlo, Donna Hughes and Robert Szabo.

In your profile on LinkedIn Jaap, Tarlow calls himself “Chief developer and consultant Segwit2x”. But in his working biography is not present the previous experience on development of blockchain or codes. His current position as the Executive Director of the company, the name of which he does not have. From the title of only one of the specified previous post “Mayor SLM new build” it is not clear what she means.

Let’s move on to Donna Hughes. Her profile on LinkedIn is currently unavailable. From a post on Medium author Dr-Hack should, she’s updated the profile in Instagram as a self-proclaimed “cryptarithmetic, an expert on ICO and the blockchain”. This profile can be called “updated” because from the backup of the Instagram profile as of December 19, it follows that Hughes has positioned itself as a “model, dancer, actress and business woman.” Enough rapid change in the career for only a week has caused distrust in the community.

Profile of Robert Szabo on LinkedIn the most information. But still no experience in developing code or blockchain. In the past, he worked mostly in T-Mobile, and professional education – engineer.

In recent days we have added 2 team member Arthur Bujnitski and Bartosz Kozlowski. Probably for the purposes of gaining the trust profile on LinkedIn Bujnitski specified previous experience in software development and in the profile of Kozlowski – extensive experience in account management.

One of the main warning signs in terms of reliability B2x – adds Sairam jetty to the list of team members without his knowledge. Team B2x included jetty on the list of participants without his permission. His name was only recently removed from the site. In response to the question on Facebook whether the new fork is Scam, Getty wrote: “Yes.”

Alarm on Reddit

In the last few days on Reddit there are plenty of posts with the analysis of the intended fork with the collection of the discrepancy and suspicious information from the Internet.

In one of these posts of user u/draget notes that the project page on Github is almost inactive. Moreover, it was created only 8 days ago. The situation is similar with the Bitcoin Talk forum, where the only representative Segwit2x appeared only 12 days ago.

In the comments to another post user u/Breakpoint said that the representative of the project at Bitcoin Talk trying to find out from community members their private keys. In the other comments u/RzeroD resulting link, which shows that remain will be 2 000 000 coins. This fact team B2x on the website indicated.

Several Reddit users, including u/Sonicthoughts and u/increaseblocks, accusing the organizers of B2x in providing false information about the developers and creating bogus accounts on LinkedIn.

The fork in the wrong direction?

The concerns of the community are not limited. Command, the fork promises to distribute to the owners of bitcoin “is proportional to the number of bitcoins Satoshi Nakamoto as a reward for their commitment to progress”. In response to this Dr-Hack rightly declares: “I have no Idea how they think to bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto. These statements strange and interesting at the same time”. He also rightly points out that official accounts of the project “in Instagram, Twitter, second channel Telegram and Reddit almost empty.”

This is enough information, community members questioned the revival of the fork Segwit2x. This information will help you make informed and thoughtful decisions regarding the relationship to the intended fork.

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