Europol has revealed the largest darknet market of counterfeit money

Europol has revealed the largest darknet market of counterfeit money

Police service of the European Union, located in the Hague (Europol) announced the successful completion of the operation to expose the largest darknet market of counterfeit money and the arrest of more than 235 counterfeiters. During the operation, police in 13 European countries conducted more than 300 searches among the persons involved in the network for the production and sale of counterfeit notes and coins.

In the summer of 2018 Austrian Federal police could find and arrest the owner of the largest darknet market for the sale of counterfeit coins and banknotes. Attacker counterfeit bills were printed in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 euros, and the pressroom was located in the city of Leoben. Before his arrest, according to police, a counterfeiter could produce and distribute more than 10,000 counterfeit bills in the amount of from 10 to 50 million euros.

It is noteworthy that to declassify the network of contacts counterfeiter failed due to his perfectionism. The scammer has taken payments in bitcoin anonymous, however, had kept track of all email addresses, which eventually went counterfeit banknotes. With the help of books of account counterfeiter Europol and managed to track down his clients. During the search law enforcers seized from the criminals, more than 1,500 counterfeit money, drugs, guns, equipment for mining and printing shop for the production of counterfeit money.

“A joint operation by the police in 13 European countries demonstrates that even in the darknet, there is not complete anonymity. If you are engaged in illegal activity, be prepared for the fact that sooner or later at your door, knocking the police,” say the representatives of Europol, in summing up the operation.

We will remind, according to representatives of Europol, the perpetrators have long switched to alternative anonymous cryptocurrency (Monero, zcash for and Dash) because the investigators tend to focus their searches exclusively for bitcoin. The evaluation of Europol, bitcoin is not being used to Finance terrorism in Europe.

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