Ethereum will appear at the domain area of the upper level

Ethereum will appear at the domain area of the upper level

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) that allows users ethereum to replace long addresses “human readable names” in the blast zone .eth, has partnered with Minds + Machines Group (MMX), a company that owns and manages top-level domains “in the domain name system in the Internet (DNS)”.

Collaboration means that users and organizations associated with ethereum will be able to register addresses in a special domain area .luxe (the abbreviation “lets u xchange easily”). For users, this means easier access decentralizovanno apps and services with smart contracts.

MMX says that address .luxe will be “resolved through the Internet in the normal way” be it email or web traffic.

A leading developer of ENS, Nick Johnson, commented on this collaboration:

We are very excited to work to integrate between existing DNS services and name service Ethereum, thus improving the experience of users.

He added that “native blockchain domain .luxe” offers more models of interaction and partnership “enhances the integration between DNS and blockchain technologies.”

MMX sure the designated area .luxe will be good demand, as evidenced by the success of the ENS.

Experience with .eth says that there is a real demand for text identifiers for blockchain services

MMX has not yet started .luxe and plans to hold a “limited registration period” in October for users of ENS. From October 30 domains in this area will be available to all.

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