Ethereum plan to merge the updates Casper and Sharding

Ethereum plan to merge the updates Casper and Sharding

The developers of Ethereum (ETH) discussed at the 40th meeting of the key developers of the most important upcoming updates of the network ETH.

The key point of discussion was the updates Casper and Sharding. Casper was supposed to be released as a smart contract, update separate from Sharding. However, now there is a proposal to produce Casper Sharding on, or as a sidechained decision.

Sharding was declared a co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Balerina in April 2018 and represents a method of increasing the number of transactions that can be processed on the blockchain – in other words, solves the scaling problem. The idea of Sharding is that nodes store only a portion of a distributed registry and each of them relies on the information of others.

Casper FFG was first announced by developers in October 2017 as an interim solution, which introduces the use of the algorithm proof of the bet, but does not alter the algorithm of proof of work. It is a sort of intermediate model was to be implemented in the framework of the EIP No. 1011: Hybrid Casper FFG.

At a recent meeting Buterin said that the joint implementation of sharding and Casper would have allowed the blockchain to reach their “theoretical maximum”. Buterin suggested that rescheduling updates will reduce the amount of the Deposit necessary for participation in the work on the principle of evidence rates from 1500 up to 32 ETH ETH that will make participation in this program more affordable. Buterin also claims that the new model will allow developers to run Casper, not interfering with the operation of Ethereum as Casper “is separated from the main chain.”

Casper is separated from the main chain. This means that it can develop and be developed as a separate circuit and may have its own rules.

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