Ethereum makes the first step towards a proof of the bet

Ethereum makes the first step towards a proof of the bet

Suggestion to improve Ethereum (EIP) 1011, known as Hybrid Casper FFG (an abbreviation of “Friendly Finality Gadget”) is the first step in the transition from energy-intensive mining process to supposedly more eco-friendly method.

The current Ethereum Protocol, which uses the method of proof of work, and for it to work you need to spend a significant amount of resources.

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin and other developers initiated the transition to models with evidence of rates at which users save certain amount of money in Ethereum in special wallets, and run the risk of losing these funds if they cease to follow the consensus rules. This transition to proof bets known as Casper.

EIP 1011, if it is implemented, will be the first, partial step to a full transition to Casper. This change introduces a hybrid system, which combines the proof of work and proof of the bet.

Casper, which was in development for quite a long time, is still a matter of controversy, for example, security researcher from VMware last month called it “fundamentally vulnerable”.

However, Danny Ryan, one of the authors of the EIP 1011, together with JI-Cheng Liang, during the working meeting on Friday told fellow developers that the proposed code “ready for review, discussion, community, etc.”

Ryan added that work on the ethereum clients can begin soon.

As we approach a certain milestone in our work, I officially notify that it is time to start discussing dates of the future fork.

As suggested by Ryan, this change would not be compatible with existing ethereum, and this means that the implementation will require hard forks. However, this point certainly not will come in the near future.

As for testing … I don’t know exactly when we will be able to get to it and personally, I would have allocated more time to the discussion of the EIP , before we start testing.

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