Ethereum is coming to “Constantinople”

Ethereum is coming to “Constantinople”

The Ethereum developers have already implemented the code for “Constantinople” – the next system-wide upgrade of the network.

“Constantinople” is the second part in a series of upgrades that aims to make the ethereum network more efficient and less costly from the point of view of the commissions. The exact date is still unknown, but it is expected that this will happen shortly before the October conference Devcon4 ethereum.

However, the exact block number where the fork happens – is still unknown.

At the meeting the developers held this Friday, became known approximate road map for the upgrade. In accordance with this road map, the implementation phase will continue till August 13, after which, within two months will be tested, which will launch a test network specifically for “Constantinople”.

Currently the developers are working on 4 EIP. Peter’s Szilagi, a leading developer of Geth, the most popular client for ethereum, said they have already implemented most of them.

These EIP include the following: EIP 210, which reorganizes the storage of the block hashes on ethereum; EIP 145, which increases the speed of arithmetic computations on the ethereum virtual machine (EVM); EIP 1014 adds the channels status in ethereum; EIP 1052, which is responsible for the compression of the interaction contracts.

The meeting discussed two other EIP: one of which is connected with bomb difficulty, and the other is designed to improve the pricing system for GAS. However, neither one of them was not accepted any decision.

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