Ethereum has broken the level of $400, and reached a record high

Ethereum has broken the level of $400, and reached a record high

After rapid growth in this Thursday, Ethereum crossed the psychologically important threshold of $400, setting a new record high.

At the time of publication Ethereum has fluctuated at a level around $430.

Despite market stagnation, caused by the news of the break-Ethereum-wallet Parity of $280 million in early November, the rate of the second most popular cryptocurrency looks promising as ever.

Course Ethereum surely went up after the same was recorded positive dynamics of bitcoin. The number one cryptocurrency has stabilized and is now trading above $8000.

It is recognized that with the growth of bitcoins most altcoins often rush after him.

It is also possible that Aldon since responded to the issue of the British blockchain startup Nivaura first adjustable bonds denominated in Ethereum.

The last time the price reached the same heights was in June 2017. At the time Ethereum is worth $407.

It is noteworthy that the return of Ethereum to around $400 was predicted in August of this year, analyst Ronnie Measom, known for his accurate forecasts of the price of cryptocurrency.

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