Ethereum got rid of the Classic “bombs of complexity”

Ethereum got rid of the Classic “bombs of complexity”

The developers of Ethereum classic successfully got rid of the so-called “bombs of complexity”.

Part of the code, designed to increase the complexity of mining over time, initially present in ethereum (which later divided into classic ethereum and ethereum). Successful network upgrade, as the developers say, took place on the block 5,900,000.

The exact percentage of nodes which are updated to identify difficult (due to the lack of available tools), but the developers involved in the project, said in comments to CoinDesk, most nod and mining pools, announced the update of their software well before the fork.

The fork was calm, at least, no incidents or bugs in the first hours after the fork was found. It is expected that the update will reduce the time required to create a unit.

This update increases the difference between ethereum and ethereum classic, both technical and ideological.

The ethereum community decided to gradually switch to the minutes of evidence rates, while the ethereum community classic favoured the continued use of the algorithm proof of work. In their view, this algorithm provides the best decentralized networks.

In particular, proponents of this theory argue that the system is proof-of-work requires that miners continuously invested in equipment and therefore the blockchain.

For the first time, the idea of this fork appeared in 2016, and as the time for discussion was more than enough fork passed without controversy and other incidents.

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