Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is launching three working groups

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is launching three working groups

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) has launched three new working groups in the field of digital identification, energy and multi-platform compatibility to create and provide specific findings and results in these areas using the technology of Ethereum.

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance appeared in February 2017 and is currently the world’s largest blockchain consortium. The composition of the working groups of the Alliance includes companies from around the world, like Intel, Microsoft and Mastercard, and startups that work with the technology of Ethereum and even governments.

According to a recent announcement, EEA has established three specific working groups focused on research in the field of digital identity, multi-platform interoperability and energy. At the moment the number of working groups and committees in the consortium counts 17.

Board member EEA Jeremy Millar commented on the creation of new working groups:

Personal digital identity, power and multi-platform functionality – these are the three areas in which members of the EEA see the real benefits of using technology Ethereum in 2018. Working groups allow them to innovate, test new ideas and remain competitive.

In addition, the working group on digital identity to focus on the study of the role of technology in Ethereum developing taxonomy of digital identity.

Energy working group involved in setting standards blockchain for Ethereum applications in oil and gas, refining, commercial, utility, mining and other use cases in the energy sector. The group will also develop the necessary infrastructure for widespread adoption of Ethereum technologies in the energy sector.

Finally, multi-platform, the working group will develop, the purpose of which is the use of Ethereum on different operating systems and hardware to make the Ethereum platform is universal and independent of platform limitations. Millar stressed that:

Working groups focused on solving real-world problems use Ethereum.

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