Epilc Fail: Error SMM provider’s cost aldonu $100 million capitalization

Epilc Fail: Error SMM provider’s cost aldonu $100 million capitalization

The guide to digital marketing are full of cautionary examples of errors in social networks, leading to the suicide of the brand. Sometimes enough post to Twitter, published a Intern for marketing. This story just about this error.

Unlike fake hands, on a daily basis offered on different Twitter accounts, Waltonchain truly distributed cryptocurrency 100 random winners in the campaign “Valentine’s Day”. Anyone who studied cryptography, knows that genuine randomness is difficult to achieve. There are entire books dedicated to the art of generating random numbers. Somehow, it seems, is one of the lucky winners Waltonchain was an employee of the company. This incident would have remained unnoticed if a staff member has not shared his joy with the official account Waltonchain.

Oh, My God! I can’t believe I won! Thanks to the team at Walton! Continue in the same spirit.

The post was quickly deleted, but still too late. Share news had enough users that WTC has led to huge losses — $ 90 million market capitalization in the next 24 hours. Despite the fact that the drawing cannot be called a fraud, a drop in the capitalization clearly showed how the community reacts to fraud. Waltonchain was forced to publish an official response to “the recent incident with Twitter”, explaining that “a team member Waltonchain really was among the winners, and his excitement about it resulted in an error in selecting the account when you publish”. The team also Waltonchain posted a video which proved that the process of selecting winners was not fabricated, and that the employee participated in the raffle as an individual. The employee who committed such a mistake, was deprived of the prize, announced in Waltonchain.

It is unlikely that the WTC rating or reputation had suffered lasting damage. Campaign #WaltonchainLove was a modest draw in which one of the 100 winners seem to have been an internal employee. Some users even saw in this mistake a strategic move, a publicity stunt Waltonchain. Regardless of where the truth and a lie, the incident confirms that users of the cryptocurrency have known for many years: you trust but verify!

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