Epic Fail: Russia greedy miners lost farm value of $ 9.3 million

Epic Fail: Russia greedy miners lost farm value of $ 9.3 million

Employees of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation with the power support of fighters of Regardie detained two men who organized in the territory of one of the abandoned factories of Orenburg underground farm for mining cryptocurrency.

To locate a farm managed in a banal way — on the trail induced the employees of energy companies that went to the police with a statement that recorded a large loss of power.

Your visit to the mining-farm law enforcement authorities recorded on video:

On the territory of an abandoned factory of rubber technical products of the interior Ministry was discovered and seized more than six thousand units of equipment connected to the mains and power supply cables leading to the substation located nearby. Judging by the photo published by the media, Bitcoin is mined by miners from Bitmain Antminer S9 whose market value is about $3000 per unit.

The news of the exposure of the largest in the Volga Federal district of the underground mining farm first appeared in the media a month ago, but only on April 11 this fact was confirmed by the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

Against the “owners” of the farm initiated a criminal case under article 165 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Causing property damage by deception”) on the basis of theft of electricity in amount of 60 million rubles.

However, if you believe Orenburg TV channel “Region”, true farm owners among those detained was not. Investors live in the UK, and the local “Director” for a long time is wanted. Most likely, the money received from sponsors to pay for the electricity he put in his pocket, and brought suspicion. Channel sources tell us what a wonderful lifestyle recently led the farm Manager bought an expensive foreign car, visited foreign resorts, walking in a big way in restaurants and clubs.

Likely to take the rap for it and investors will have a simple “watchmen” one of the largest mining farms in Europe.

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