EOS is accused in the attack on the Ethereum network

EOS is accused in the attack on the Ethereum network

EOS, one of the most significant cryptocurrency platforms on the market, is accused in the attack on the Ethereum network. In accordance with the study carried out by the developer PoWH3D and Fomo3D, EOS, apparently, uses dishonest tactics in the struggle for a place under the sun.

In a post on Reddit, posted by a developer named Justo explains that the EOS, by dubious airdrop’s random tokens “clogged network” Ethereum:

“Every day before start platform is EOS, which took place on June 6, the Commission in Ethereum increased due to the airdrop s various tokens, which don’t seem supported by a specific project. Daily spent thousands ETH, hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw thousands of random tokens without sites or template sites.”

According to Justo, the EOS systematically attacks the Ethereum network, using $ 2 million a day. And if it does not EOS, then who else can make such amount of money and still own a EOS tokens?

The dApp team found that the cause of the rise in gas prices is simple. 40% of the network resources used by one smart contract. He refers to the token IFishYunYu. Every hour for it to transfer gas at a rate of 50 ETH. The aim of the organizers is to achieve listing on the exchanger FCoin. You could say that this is a typical PAMP, if not one “BUT” — the source of funds. The money is coming from one of the purses the EOS, which suggests a coordinated attack.

But, as Justo explains, these attacks are not new. That tactic has been used previously by the same group of persons:

“So Yes, it is they — the creators of the token. They’ve done this in previous competitions tokens before listing on the stock exchange”

The community has responded quickly to reports of manipulation of network bandwidth Ethereum. As noted by a Reddit user:

Now we know that the creators of EOS do with collected billions instead of working on a reliable bloccano.

The community has not hide his concern:

The meaning of ETH in decentralized applications, and now gas is too expensive to interact with them.

Similar problems feared Satoshi, limiting the functionality of the smart contracts for BTC. But the Ethereum team does not lose optimism:

A few years ago ETH cost of 0.2–0.25$, since then the rate has increased dramatically. Psychological dynamics leads to spikes and corrections, but the project is in great shape and is moving into a new era of scaling.

At the moment information from EOS and the project team did not arrive. It is important to note that in June, EOS migrated from Ethereum in its own blockchain. The company ran into some problems, but the situation seems to be stabilized.

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