Employment opportunities in the field of blockchain in 2018

Employment opportunities in the field of blockchain in 2018

It is no secret that the Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, and enterprises of different industries well-known advantages of using this technology.

Blockchain allows you to transfer and reduce operating costs, increase transaction speed and hold them without intermediaries. Blockchain technology can also provide companies the most reliable method of record keeping.

Every day, more and more companies are turning to experts in order to implement Blockchain technology in its business. Accordingly, the demand for employees in this industry is growing. 2018 will bring people a lot of opportunities for employment in the industry the blockchain. Here are a few jobs that will be in demand next year:

Project Manager

Businesses interested in integrating blockchain solutions to optimize their business. Developers need to clearly understand what customers want, what their ideas and goals. For effective interaction between customer and developer need a link. This link is the project Manager (Project manager). One of his responsibilities is the ability to translate information from the language of the customer into technical language developer to financial technological or other companies interested in the integration of Blockchain technology, were able to implement their ideas.

The project Manager is often the first person in the blockchain, the company associated with the customer who wants to implement blockchain technology in your business. Responsibilities of the project Manager – to plan and control the execution of tasks.

Community support (personnel, which helps novice users to troubleshoot problems)

Recently there has been a large influx of people investing in cryptocurrencies that are interested in implementing the blockchain in their businesses and in attracting users of decentralized applications.

Blockchain technology is not even 10 years old, so it is not surprising that most of these people never in my life have not encountered it. Therefore, it is likely that at some point the use of new applications and platforms, many users have a problem. So there must be some people who will help to eliminate them. At the moment the deep knowledge of the technologies have only selected. In 2018, on such specialists will be a huge demand.


To date, the developers of the blockchain solutions are great prospects for career growth. Banks, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies and technology companies interested in working with the blockchain platforms. But first, companies need to implement technology and improve the efficiency of their own businesses. Phones blockchain companies are ringing off the hook customers interested in the implementation of blockchain. There is an urgent need for specialists who develop and write code.


The growth in the number of companies interested in the introduction of technology, the demand for legal services in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain will continue to grow. The event “Working in the blockchain ecosystem in 2018,” the lawyers said that they get more phone calls from clients and potential clients who are interested in the structuring and management of the ICO, and also need recommendations on issues that may arise in their ambitious endeavors. Almost all of these enterprises require legal support throughout the entire startup process of the project.


All new blockchain startups and companies interested in selling tokens, have to have a web page to inform customers, buyers, users and potential investors. The website will tell you that their company offers, what is the mission of the company, who are the team members what their experience, etc., These companies need to have a web designer who can create a web page.

2018 opens career opportunities in the industry of the blockchain. Many potential candidates feel insecure because they are not aware of the blockchain technology and they think that they can not apply for this vacancy. However, we should not forget that technology is not even 10 years — so that the company can’t seek a guru with 20 years of experience… such a person simply does not exist.

Therefore, if one is qualified and has the appropriate skills and experience, which make it able to perform the duties of office, he should also try not to miss the opportunity to find a job in the blockchain industry in 2018.

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