Elon Musk first mentioned Ethereum in his tweet

Elon Musk first mentioned Ethereum in his tweet

Elon Musk tweeted about Ethereum, but unfortunately all investors and fans of the cryptocurrency tweet not related to technical features of this cryptocurrency, projections, expectations or anything else like that.

In a tweet Musk wrote that he was impressed with the Ethereum Scam bots.

Co-founder of Ethereum almost instantly replied to this tweet.

Acne Buterin constantly raises the question of samarah on Twitter. He decided to add to nick the prefix “ETH Not Giving Away” to somehow counter the scammers who try to trick other users of this social network.

Twitter scammers create profiles that look almost identical profiles of leading experts and opinion leaders from the field of cryptocurrencies and technology. As soon as one of these leaders publishes a tweet, the bot then publishes a commentary, which invites everyone to send to a special address a small amount of ETH that in response to an even greater number of ETH that, of course, will never happen.

Many in the cryptocurrency community are closely watching the interest of Elon musk to the cryptocurrency.

In March he was seen with a book devoted to cryptography.

Previously, he mentioned crypto-currencies in his Twitter when he denied rumors that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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