Elon Musk: Ethereum is a Scam, but I want him, too

Elon Musk: Ethereum is a Scam, but I want him, too

Elon Musk — the man, the myth or the legend? What would you about it or thought it is difficult to deny that, though indirectly, but it affects the cryptocurrency. According to recent reports, Elon now jumps on the train Ethereum, though, and suspects it may be a Scam.

In fact, everything that happens is connected with epidemic of fake accounts on Twitter, according to which Musk is actively promoting Ethereum. As we all know, Twitter was flooded with fake accounts offering free Ethereum, provided that they send a small amount of cryptocurrency to the purse (of course, owned by the scammers).

The Twitter team have taken great care to eliminate impostors, but to this day this problem has not been solved, and with her face. Only so Elon Musk allegedly called Ethereum a Scam. In fact, he was joking, but his words were misinterpreted.

In his last tweet Musk wrote a response to the comment of one user who asked whether Elon to send them ETH. Musk, who is aware of the activities of bots, jokingly responded to the question, solemnly promising that all will receive the promised ETH. Since his answer came as a surprise to all Twitter users quickly flocked to a branch of discussion to continue the conversation. After receiving hundreds, if not thousands of posts about ETH other cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, a world-renowned entrepreneur made a last remark about the situation:

“I also want ETH, even if it is a fraud.”

The fake accounts is a very big problem that has plagued the crypto community on Twitter. The best way to protect yourself from imposters and fake hands — just ignore them. Nobody gives away expensive cryptocurrency for free, the world doesn’t work like that. Use Twitter to publish their research focus on the websites you are interested in projects. Don’t be naive and you will be safe.

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