Edward Snowden about bitcoin: we need better options

Edward Snowden about bitcoin: we need better options

Edward Snowden expressed concern about the long-term prospects of bitcoin in an interview on 22 March, stating that the publicity of the bitcoin blockchain made it susceptible to abuse.

Speaking (remotely) at the conference Blockstack Berlin 2018, Snowden said that the bitcoin blockchain is public so that it harms bitcoin as number one.

A large structural disadvantage of bitcoin is its publicity.

However, Snowden used the bitcoin to purchase server infrastructure in 2013.

The future of bitcoin remains a hot topic this year, as technical improvements increase the speed of transactions, and the commissions tend to zero.

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This week Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that in his opinion the world will be one currency, and he believes that it will be bitcoin.

However, according to Snowden cryptocurrency, which would be able successfully to resist Vietnam government currencies and would provide a necessary degree of anonymity has not yet appeared:

We are talking about how to develop a system that will be so attractive that consumers worldwide will not be able to use it and the government will not be able to ban it.

Snowden confirmed that he personally uses Monero, and supports the zcash for the project as the “most interesting” altcon that exists currently on the market due to its “unique” settings.

Recall that the zcash for showed some of the worst results among cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2018. Read more about this, read our article 10 best and worst cryptocurrency of the first quarter of 2018

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