Durov has appointed former Vice-President of “Vkontakte” responsible for ICO Telegram

Durov has appointed former Vice-President of “Vkontakte” responsible for ICO Telegram

Ilya perekopsky, a former Vice-President of the social network “Vkontakte”, now works in another project of Pavel Durov. Perekopsky held a position of Vice President for business development in the Telegram. RBC sources say that Perekop is responsible for ICO Telegram, however, he has not yet commented on this information.

Perekop is a new position from the beginning of 2018. Will it be the responsibility of the new VP developing blockchain platform TON and ICO Telegram is not yet known.

Ilya perekopsky Pavel Durov familiar with the University. They were classmates at the faculty of Philology St. Petersburg state University. “VKontakte” Perekop worked from 2008 to 2014. He was responsible for the business operations of the social network.

This appointment came as a surprise. In March 2014 between Durov of Perekop and the conflict occurred. Durov of Perekop accused of cowardice, betrayal, and the actual collapse of the company. In turn, Pavel Durov accused of Perekop and the Fund UCP in trying to pick up Telegram LLC. Messenger legally belonged to the Fund of the UCP, but the means to the development of the Telegram was invested by the developer himself. Later, the former classmates met in court. But the conflict was settled: both sides withdrew their claims.

After Ilya perekopsky left Vkontakte, he held the position of Director, business development at Blackmoon Financial Group, in 2017 participated in the creation of a blockchain platform Blackmoon Crypto.

Recall that in the second round ICO Telegram has attracted $850 million Thus, over two rounds Telegram generated $1.7 billion in funds raised, the company plans to spend in support of the development of the app Telegram messenger and the blockchain platform Telegraph Open Network.

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