During the PR campaign of the Ukrainian ICO on Everest a Sherpa killed

During the PR campaign of the Ukrainian ICO on Everest a Sherpa killed

During the PR campaign of the Ukrainian ICO ASKfm killed one of the members of the expedition.

ASKfm sponsored “crypto-enthusiasts” Taras Late Roman Gorodeckogo and Dmitry Semenko for climbing Everest and the deployment of cryptocurrency wallet with 500,000 tokens ASKfm.

500.000 tokens ASKfm, according to the pre-assessment corresponds to about 50.000 US dollars. This purse could get anyone who went to Everest and found him there.

The Ukrainian team made a successful ascent on Everest, but one of the accompanying Sherpa, Lam Babu Sherpa, killed during the descent.

Death Lam Babu Sherpa was the result of snow blindness or physical exhaustion, in any case, that this is the opinion of the representative of the Ministry of tourism of Nepal. Roman Gorodechnyi recalls this moment of the ascent:

Frantically working on the photos and videos (almost all on my camera at Taras, soon to be, immediately show) and here to me on second comes all the reality of the situation, the height of 8848, the wind + snow such that a meter can not see anything, the temperature is rapidly approaching -40, the last one for me, plus the mask with jokes !!!!! The animal fear, Dimona shout – out, and we dovodoema. At this point, at the top was three of our Sherpas, Sherpa Dimino we saw and as it turned out, in the camp he never came back ((((

Everest blogger Arnett writes that the death of Lam Babu Sherpa “very complicated case”:

I find it hard to understand how 45-year-old Sherpa, became the victim of snow blindness to such an extent that no one was able to help him. I look forward to the opportunity to obtain more information about this sad event.

One of the Ukrainian climbers, Taras Late descended to Everest in bad condition and was evacuated by helicopter from one of the camps.

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