Due to the growth of Bitcoin Nvidia strengthens its position

Due to the growth of Bitcoin Nvidia strengthens its position

The victorious March of Bitcoin over the past two weeks was a real boon to manufacturers of graphics processors.

Eternal rivals Nvidia and AMD had a great performance on the stock market in recent months, and enjoyed far greater success. The increase in the value of Bitcoin more than two thousand dollars, brought Nvidia plus two percent to the cost of the action.

Mining cryptocurrency

More and more people want to engage in mining, as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and many other cryptocurrencies are increasing in price. For miner-lover the easiest way to get into mining is to buy and install fairly powerful graphics card. More serious miner / businessman invests in company ASIC Bitmain. However, for the most part, people are buying a powerful processor and graphics card from Nvidia or AMD.

Changes in the blockchain for Ethereum

Another driving factor is the recently announced upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain. Acne Buterin outlined a plan to correct the deficiencies and scalability – in the list of priorities. All of these changes require an increase in capacity, therefore, the demand for graphics processors is expected to increase, which will bring Nvidia and AMD only benefit.

Speaking before Nasdaq , Mitch Stevens, an analyst at RBC Capital said that the ongoing development of Blockchain technology will have a positive impact on investor sentiment:

Lightning network for blockchain bitcoin has made considerable progress, a team of software developers working on a circular signed for confidential transactions, and a Metropolis update for Ethereum is regarded as a powerful means of increasing confidence. Overall, technology is developing at a rapid pace, which probably leads to higher prices.

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