Dubai: a Gang robbed the owners of cryptocurrencies, cleared with the help of artificial intelligence

Dubai: a Gang robbed the owners of cryptocurrencies, cleared with the help of artificial intelligence

Police in Dubai have arrested ten members of a gang who stole 7 million AED ($1.9 million) in an armed attack in the al-Muraqqabat in Dubai on Wednesday, reports Gulf News.

Sunday, April 29, Colonel Adel al Joker, head of the criminal investigation Department (CID), told the Gulf News newspaper details of the case:

“The victims of the attack were looking for the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin. The gang lured them into a trap, stating that they can sell their cryptocurrency”.

The victim, who reportedly had two brothers to make a deal, agreed to meet with members of the gang in the empty office, where he was robbed. Six members of the gang were waiting for the brothers inside the office, and three others guarded the outside. According to Lieutenant Colonel al Joker:

“[The gang] was attacked by two brothers and threatened them with guns before locking them in the office and escape with the stolen money.”

It is reported that the gang took the keys to the office space, having misled the landlord. The owner of the building decided that it prospective buyers who want extra time to look around.

Call about an armed robbery was reported to the police that same night, April 25. Within four hours had identified the leaders of a gang called the Gulf National. The ringleader was arrested in a neighbouring Emirate and immediately confessed to the crime. Within 48 hours the police was already known about the whereabouts of four of his associates in four different Emirates. Thus was eventually arrested ten gang members and the stolen money returned to the owner.

Head of criminal Department of police of Dubai, Khalil Ibrahim al Mansouri said that to catch criminals police used Artificial Intelligence technology. The center for data analysis of Dubai police have implemented intelligent programs to quickly track down the gang.

All ten suspects handed over to prosecutors for further investigation.

Earlier this month, reported another armed attack associated with the Bitcoin. At that time the victim was a Malaysian man who tried to purchase cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 365,000. Two unknown under the guise of crypto-currency brokers a man is attacked in the hotel room, where he stopped.

And many of these cases. It is worth to conclude that purchasing cryptocurrency for cash from private individuals — not the most reliable method and even dangerous.

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