DropDeck blockchain and artificial intelligence to Finance of small and medium business

DropDeck blockchain and artificial intelligence to Finance of small and medium business

One of the biggest problems in the financial world today is the problem of investing in startups and small and medium businesses.

On the one hand startups, especially small and medium businesses often do not have access to investment capital just for geographical reasons. On the other hand, most of the projects in which to invest investors in the early stages of funding are rarely successful. Still trying to find the next Google, Facebook or Uber. However, one Google account for hundreds of disastrous campaigns. This led to the fact that investments, especially in the early stages – became a high-risk venture and only 1.4% of global investment capital, which by some estimates is $ 100 trillion annually, goes to Fund new innovative projects.

That is why entrepreneurs are constantly in search of new funding models. Kickstarter ICO – this is the consequence of this situation and attempt to resolve it. Although ICO is a very innovative way of crowdfunding still has its problems, as in traditional investing. Now every month is several tens ICO. Of tools with which it would be possible to determine which of these companies have “shot” is still there, each investor conducts a self-assessment, each makes an independent decision to invest or not. And although ICO and expanded access to capital for startups, but not solved this problem completely. Competition among ICO projects is growing, now the majority of ICO projects fail, and the costs of holding the ICO are some estimates from 100 to 500 thousand dollars. The sum is impossibly high for most small businesses, especially given the high risk of failure. Moreover, not all businesses are suited ICO, because not every business is build on the basis of the blockchain technology.

The decision

Team DropDeck aims at the solution of this problem and seems to have all the chances of success, despite its global nature. DropDeck is an intelligent, decentralized and cross-border platform, equipped with mechanism for incentive funding for startups and small and medium enterprises around the world. Well aware of the global nature of the problem that tries to solve this start they formulate their mission as:

…to invest in innovation and in innovative companies around the world to improve the future quality of life of each person.

DropDeck is a solution that combines the two most innovative technologies of our time: artificial intelligence and the blockchain. The platform is decentralized at its core, the founders of the project, an ideal platform shouldn’t evaluate people, evaluate companies, to engage in legal transactions, but instead should delegate these tasks to a wide audience, stimulating its cooperation, by their tokens, and smart contracts, which in the end will lead to significant results. While artificial intelligence technology complements the expertise of the participants, but does not replace it. The project entered the top projects of the international competition developments in the field of artificial intelligence IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.

The main function of the DropDeck is to help investors to minimize risks and maximize the return of funds in the process of investing in companies fundraising on the platform DropDeck. And at the same time, to provide access to capital for startups and small and medium businesses around the world. But the platform is not only investors and companies in need of financing. To minimize the risks in the work of the platform attended by other parties, such as hunters (hunters) is engaged in search of promising companies to invest in, and help them to get on the platform; the appraisers who evaluate the prospects of the company and many others. What the entire platform operates in such a way as to intensify collaboration between all participants, as a reward each of them is registered in the smart contract and each participant receives a reward only in case of success of the enterprise.

DDD token and ICO

Because of the need of using smart contracts project DropDeck operates on the basis of Ethereum. For funding calculations and used the original DDD token that is not classified as securities. As stimulating ecosystem DropDeck is designed so that it rewards the sponsors, it creates a feedback loop, through the transmission of values between the sponsors and companies to raise funds, thereby encouraging sponsors to repeat funding and to attract more and more other sponsors. As you increase the size of the ecosystem, the cost of DDD of tokens over time will grow.

At the moment, the project conducts the ICO, which will end on December 21. For participants in the initial stages provided a 30% bonus (if you hurry and take part now). In addition, tokens can be purchased using one of the cryptocurrency exchanges – coss.io. And the team says it is actively working to incorporate their token to listings on other exchanges. Deposits are accepted in Ethereum, the minimum investment amount is $ 30 and a maximum of 300,000 dollars.


The success of any startup is largely a matter of the people who stand behind it, their knowledge, expertise and skills. DropDeck team consists of people who have been working in the Finance market.

Alon – founder, CEO and designer of the product. Alon, the famous Evangelist of the blockchain technology and AI. Prior to this, worked as product Manager at YOMI Studio and was responsible for product innovation in INCO Startup Center, an organization that also operates in the Finance market.

Michael Fan is the main developer, worked as information architect at John Galt Ventures, and also First Digital Finance, which also work in the financial markets.

The head of the Advisory Board is George Popescu is the CEO and founder at Lampix, a company that works in the field of augmented reality for two years. George is also the managing partner in Block X Bank consulting and investment company specializing in blockchain technologies.

In addition, the team also includes 7 consultants from the blockchain, Finance and AI.

The project site

White Paper – https://bit.ly/DDWPver2

White Paper (in Russian) – https://bit.ly/DDWPRussian

Blog project https://medium.com/dropdeck

Telegram channel https://t.me/dropdeck

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