Domain acquired for $1 million

Domain acquired for $1 million

One of the biggest acquisitions of cryptocurrency domain names was announced during the end of 2018, 4th annual technology summit on the blockchain. A group of investors acquired the domain for 1 million US dollars (111 BTC), which makes buying the third most expensive priobretenie domain names in the cryptocurrency community.

Prior to this transaction the most expensive domain names were (sold for $ 1.1 million in 2014) and (sold for $ 2 million in October 2017). Buyers domain immediately launched one of the largest information portals in the cryptocurrency industry, combining the functionality of all the modern trends of the industry. is a customizable news feed and Analytics, which is rapidly gaining status as the number one in the world. Now all necessary information will always be at hand and easily accessible. The platform is very user-friendly, effective and saves time.

The vision of the investors of the project is to create a single point of entry for all fans of cryptography. At Block has everything that you may need a blockchain enthusiast:

  • the current price of any existing coin;
  • latest industry news;
  • analytical materials;
  • current projects ICO;
  • detailed information about the people that develop and influence the cryptocurrency world;

The main feature of the project is that to perform a variety of action — commenting or writing new content, even just visiting the website — every customer receives an internal tokens or BC for short.

The project does not include the initial range of coins (ICO). Internal token project was created for use on the platform to advertise or use the premium services. In addition, the BC tokens will be available for purchase and sale on exchanges such as EtherDelta.

Issue BC — 247000000 BC. 200 000 000 of them will be paid to users for their activity on the platform 30 000 000 is reserved for the team, and 17 000 000 is reserved for some large and well-known advisors, who supported the project.

In General, the founders and investors plan to invest more than $ 7 million of its own funds.

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