Does the Tether on the price of bitcoin?

Does the Tether on the price of bitcoin?

Tether is the so – called stablon, which, as the name implies, is intended to bring some stability to the cryptocurrency market. It is assumed that the tether 1 is equal to 1 US dollar. But skeptics have long questioned the company’s claims that each coin is backed with the US dollar and accuse the company in issue unsecured Tether in trying to inflate the price of bitcoin.

The situation is compounded by the fact that the company can’t go public audit, and all her popoki to do it ended with a scandal and a rupture of relations with the auditing firms.

However, a new study conducted by Wang Chun way from the business school of the University of Queensland, proves that the Tether does not affect the price of bitcoin.

We could not find any empirical evidence to support the claim that the periodic emission of the Tether causes a subsequent increase in the price of bitcoin. In fact, in our VAR model, we were not able to detect that at least one factor affecting the price of bitcoin. This suggests that the price of bitcoin has more market efficiency and autonomy than was previously assumed.

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