Digest of events on January 31

Digest of events on January 31

What awaits us tomorrow, January 31?

The conference continues the NEO, in which besides the developers of this cryptocurrency attended by other teams, namely: EchoLink (EKO), Loopring (LRC), Red Pulse (RPX), Trinity Network Credit (TNC), DeepBrain Chain (DBC), QLINK (QLC).

Tomorrow we will have a series of interviews with a variety of well-known personalities from the world of cryptocurrency. The event will be attended by the founder of NEO, but Hongfei.

Recall that many analysts this event, but rather announcements and statements made during the meeting, associated with the increase in the price of NEO and GAS.

NEM (XEM) is doing a meetup in Auckland.

Another meetup, this time, developers Stellar (XLM) will be held in San Francisco.

IOTA (MIOTA) will also hold a meetup in Seattle with the romantic name “outside of the blockchain” (Beyond the Blockchain).

OmiseGO (OMG) will launch a virtual Townhall on Youtube.com.

Аirdrop, snapshot and other nice things

In a Token Network (NTWK) – hold the airdrop (free distribution coins).

Rise (RISE) will hold the snapshot (the distribution of coins developers, participants and holders!).

Gifto (GTO) is carried out, giveway on the stock exchange Bibox (only for traders who have worked with this year).

ETHLend (LEND) – distribute the bounty.

Adding to the stock exchange

SpaceChain (SPC) must solistice on the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinnest.

AppCoins (APPC) should add to the exchange Lykke NL Exchange.

Releases, forks, etc.

PayPie (PPP) should be the alpha launch platform. Coin has grown by 13%.

As without hard forks? Tomorrow it is carried out SpreadCoin (SPR).

Have iExec RLC (RLC) ends with a challenge for the development of decentralized applications.

Photon (PHO) – launch the website.

TeslaCoin (TES) is expected to release the basic wallet. Coin up 50%!

Electra (ECA) will release the project documentation (whitepaper).

Meetings, meetings and conference

AirSwap (AST) will hold a session of questions and answers on Reddit.

ICON (ICX) will hold its first annual summit in Seoul.

Pylon Network (PYLNT) participate in two conferences dedicated to the energy sector (Geneva and Madrid).

SONM (SNM) will participate in the meeting of the participants of the consortium OpenFog in Hong Kong.

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