DHL is blackmailing the bomber, demands ransom in bitcoin

DHL is blackmailing the bomber, demands ransom in bitcoin

The blackmailer, whose mail bomb caused the evacuation of the Christmas market last week in Germany, demanded a ransom in bitcoins to the tune of 10 million euros.

The ransom message was written in German and was addressed to the company one of the leaders in the market of delivery services, DHL.

A bomb containing explosive powder from fireworks Polish, nails and screws, have been delivered to the pharmacy, near the Christmas market in Potsdam last Friday.

Bild reports that the package was an ignition device with battery operated, and after opening the parcel, issued a hissing sound, but did not explode.

The police, especially vigilant after the recent jihadi attack on the Berlin Christmas market, which killed 12 people, quickly cleared a festive market in Potsdam, near the capital, where the incident occurred.

Police are seeking one or more suspects in the Berlin and Brandenburg region. Last month, the parcel delivered by DHL from the same area, caught fire immediately after opening.

The Blackmailers threatened to send even more parcels at Christmas time, if DHL pays the ransom. In response, the police called on Germans to remain vigilant and cautious contact with unknown packages.

According to German media reports, on Wednesday morning because of a suspicious parcel had been evacuated the whole building in Ulm, Baden-württemberg. Some roads in the city centre of Ulm was also closed.

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