Detectives 4 countries team up to find Satoshi Nakamoto

Detectives 4 countries team up to find Satoshi Nakamoto

According to the international group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts Findsatoshi, it’s time to find Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bid on kraudfandingovom platform Boomstarter was filed by a resident of Tallinn Herman Neff, who tried to explain his action. Following is the text of the application.

“We need to find Satoshi. And this is not a trivial curiosity. Now the market is at a fragile balance. For further development of the cryptocurrency just need to know who and why created it. Was this a real enthusiast gave the world an independent currency if it was a group of people pursuing scientific or, for example, a purely selfish goals, and maybe Bitcoin — development of a large company or the IT giant? Can Bitcoin be the state development, created to control all transactions? There are many assumptions as to who might be behind this, but none of the versions has not been confirmed.

We, international group of cryptoendoliths Findsatoshi, initiate an international search for the Creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency world needs to be sure that Bitcoin is not a global deception.

We, the fans of the cryptocurrency, who firmly believe in the ideals of digital money need to know one in my wallet for over 1 million coins. And who can suddenly bring down the market. Virtually destroy it. Piece of news about the “leak” would be enough. Too great a risk for a new economic paradigm.

Imagine that Satoshi decides to bequeath all the passwords from wallets to their descendants, not if they want overnight sell cryptocurrency?

We must learn the truth to quietly live in a cryptocurrency environment. Without fear of tomorrow behind the scenes people will come, declares that the circus is over, and disappear again.

We pay cryptocurrency to the world his faith and we have a right to know the identity of Satoshi. And if Satoshi doesn’t want publicity, we need to declassify it themselves.

We are announcing fundraising for the search for the Creator of Bitcoin. We understand that only through public efforts, we can do it. As none of the intelligence agencies of the world to start a public search for this man. We’re going to make the search for Satoshi to have multiple, independent detective agencies located in the United States and Japan, as well as in Europe. Detective agencies will put forward a number of requirements, including to connect to the search of linguists and IT specialists. In addition, the detective Agency will be required to conduct a public and transparent report on its activities.

  • Why choose a detective Agency of the United States?

Possible place of residence.

  • Why Japan?

The best attitude to Japan.

  • Why Europe?

According to some, part of a group of persons working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto could live in Europe. Pre-selected detective Agency with headquarters in Russia and France, carrying out searches of people across the continent and International detective Agency with headquarters in the UK.

It is important to note that in the case that Satoshi will be an ordinary man, the most brilliant cryptomnesia that fear of publicity after the publication of the true name of the Creator of the first cryptocurrency or list of the names of the working group that created Bitcoin, we will not disturb it (them) in the future, and to fully preserve the integrity of his personality.

In that case, if raising funds on the international search for Satoshi Nakamoto will be completed in full, we will sign contracts with agencies of these countries. The Agency will conduct before the customer public report on its activities every three days. We, in turn, will broadcast information about the development of the investigation on different continents in the “news” section and our social networks. Will not be published of only the sensitive part, which may interfere with the investigation.

Currently selected the best in our opinion of the detective Agency in the above countries. With them held preliminary talks and obtained the consent to start work.

  • Detective Agency in Japan: Goro lift staff at Kayama
  • Detective Agency USA: New York Intelligence Agency, Inc
  • International detective Agency UK Private Detective London
  • Russian-French Agency: “Osoby”

The funds will be distributed among them in equal shares. In addition, the saved will be a bonus for the Agency have achieved the final positive outcome of the investigation.

It should be noted that on the first day of fundraising has paid $30 000, corresponding to $236 000 (15 million rubles), today the amount is over 3 million from 691 investor. Very questionable initiative, in our view. Bulgaria also has a huge reserve of Bitcoins, but to “drain” the Bulgarian cryptocurrency assets somehow no one cares. We wish Satoshi stay away from these enthusiasts.

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