Details of a secret project TRON

Details of a secret project TRON

On the eve of the launch of the core network TRON, and founder of San Juste, said that the company is working on a secret project, the details of which will be known on July 30.

About 4 hours ago, the conference ended where TRON Juste San revealed some of the details of this secret project. Before I start telling you about the project, Justin briefly summarized the success of TRON at the moment: talked about the cooperation with the leading crypto-currency projects as Changelly, and also mentioned, unfortunately only in General terms, possible cooperation with PornHub and of course talked about TRON Virtual Machine, which must exceed the similar product from Ethereum. 30 August upgrade network TRON and the official release of the TVM, and until that time will be testing the TVM.

Next, Justin went to the story about the recent acquisition of the company BitTorrent. Said that they plan to make this distributed network even better and faster, and also plan to change the reward system and make it more “altruistic”.

Recall that BitTorrent’s user base has more than 100 million people who are in 138 countries around the world.

Actually a secret project, called Atlas, is a kind of unifying project for TRON and BitTorrent. Justin stated that this Association will allow the project to become the largest payment system and the largest distributor of content. However, in the near future BitTorrent users should not expect any changes.

Before the press conference, the price of TRON increased to 4 cents, in connection with the launch (albeit in beta) and TVM, largely because of expectations associated with a secret project, which had so long and persistently promoted Justin San. Some analysts have even suggested that this project could be a collaboration with Alibaba Group. However, immediately after the press conference, the price of TRON went down and at the moment fell to 3.7 US cents. It is obvious that investors ‘ expectations are not met.

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