Dash soared above $ 1,500, while the market expects an increase in blocks

Dash soared above $ 1,500, while the market expects an increase in blocks

Last weekend Dash for the first time has overcome a mark in 1000 dollars, and today, this digital currency has risen to 1,500 dollars.

The last few months have been good for Dash; after two months of strengthening Dash began to grow rapidly in the beginning of November.

November 6 began to increase Dash from 274 us dollars; and today, after six weeks, the currency reached $ 1570. At the beginning of 2017 the price for the Dash was only $ 11.26, and for the year increased 139 times.

Software update and increase blocks

November 8 was released a software update Dash version Dash 12.2. A new version of Dash included a number of fixes, the code to increase the block size to 2 MB and the other changes required for a major release project Evolution in 2018. Core developer UdjinM6 wrote about version 12.2:

The most significant changes:

Introduction DIP0001 (increasing the unit up to 2 MB);Reduced fee per transaction 10 times (via the confirmation DIP0001);the vulnerability has been fixed InstantSend (over clocking DIP0001);Improving PrivateSend, which will provide users with faster access to multimodal facilities;Various changes RPC;a Lot of backports from Bitcoin Core, and refactoring your own code, which should improve performance and make the code more reliable and easier;Experimental purse HD supports BIP39/BIP44.

The update will also introduce code to increase the blocks that have already been approved by the vote of the holders of masternode in 2016. Increasing the size of the Dash unit was activated a month later, on 5 December.

The obvious question: “why?” Even in the current conditions of mania in the market, an increase of 575% in six weeks is significant. There are several possibilities for the sudden and rapid growth of Dash – increase blocks, integration and Evolution Dash.

The increase in blocks and Bitcoin Cash

A significant minority of the bitcoin community have supported the increase in scale of the circuit by increasing blocks. After the abolition of the hard-fork SegWit2x most of them switched to Bitcoin Cash. But some supporters of large blocks could play it safe and purchase Dash. Bitcoin Cash was more successful than many could expect, and even reached $ 4,000 after it was added to Coinbase.

Renewed attention to Cash Bitcoin can be useful for Dash as expansion, scale chain and increase blocks. Update Dash to 2 MB is only the beginning. In the near future is planned the introduction of a block size of 5 MB. Over time, Dash plans to increase the block size to several hundred megabytes.

Co-founder of the currency Evan Duffield noted that since masternode get 45% of the consideration for the block, the owners of these nodes will be able to improve special equipment, located in high-speed co-location centres. At a price of $ 1,500 Dash owners masternode earn 10 $ 500 per masternode.

The growth of integration

As previously reported, Dash, the developers announced a series of integrations and cooperation this year. Currency cooperates with Alt36 to integrate payments into the Dash to the system of payment terminal for legal industry of marijuana. Dash has also been added to several major exchanges, including Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi and others. The cooperation of the University of Arizona with a Dash aimed at the creation of a research laboratory of the blockchain to examine key issues such as decentralization of mining. Dash is also integrated into several cryptocurrency debit cards for multiple currencies, which allows owners of the currency to use it at 40 million merchant outlets around the world.

At the conference of the Dash Conference 2017 Ryan Taylor, chief Executive officer, Dash Core, hinted at future plans, including:

Global brokerage service with free banking perevedennye integration with burgemeester Dash to the new 20 Vietnam valutapolitik manufacturer bankomatvyznacena with several major retail shopping komprimierte health

Dash Evolution

The developers Dash for more than a year working on a huge update, and version 12.2 and 12.1 (released earlier this year) lay the Foundation for it. Team Dash is planning to make the use of cryptocurrency is so simple “that even our grandmothers were able to use them”. After all, they say that cryptocurrencies too difficult to buy, store, translate, sell, and use.

Ryan Taylor

Taylor wrote:

“Evolution should be considered as an online payment system similar to PayPal or Venmo, but fully decentralized, so that the user can always control your money.”

Dash Evolution will be large-scale enterprise, and it remains to be seen whether its developers to replace the simplicity and convenience of PayPal in a decentralized form. If they manage to simplify the cryptocurrency world, renowned for its complexity, to this extent, the price of the currency will almost certainly rapidly increase. Investors may find the latest designs Dash as promising for the planned issue of Evolution in 2018, and to begin to buy foreign currency in order to gain profit.

Living within your means

The answer is probably even simpler: monthly budget Dash giant. The network reserves 10% of the remuneration for the blocks each month for projects approved by the owners masternode. There are no limitations for the determination of sentences, they just need some way to improve the ecosystem. At current prices the annual budget of the Dash is 124 million dollars.

In addition to suggestions from the community, from the monthly budget is fully funded by the Dash development team. With such sums of money Dash may hire dozens of the best developers in the industry. In fact, currently in the team Dash 50 paid participants, which together make 300 000 $ per month. Other digital currencies, such as Ethereum, also have large monetary contributions, but no one has such a permanent source of income.

The development of bitcoin fully funded through contributions, so when the group of owners of bitcoins proposed a scheme to Fund advertising on the Superbowl, Duffield couldn’t resist. He said:

“Dash can afford it”.

According to Forbes, a 30 second advertisement on the Superbowl worth 5 million dollars. This is half of the monthly budget Dash in the amount of 10.3 million dollars. It is impossible to predict whether there will be a further increase in prices, but do not underestimate the effect of the annual budget of 124 million dollars.

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