DASH returns?

DASH returns?

Lately DASH has given way to more “hot” projects, but work on the project continues.

DASH despite all the marketing efforts in recent months have been spoiled by the attention of the media. Mostly due to the fact that all attention was focused on the new, more “hot” and interesting projects that have prospects of “show x” is much higher. However, the DASH remains one of the most prominent cryptocurrency, which remains relatively stable in a falling market.

Last week the price of DASH remained almost unchanged at the level 472,05 dollar. But last month there was a gradual increase in prices from a low near $ 300.

And the team DASH, meanwhile, continues to work on the project, namely, capital reviewing its structure nodes. DASH works with mining as well as system nodes, each of which contains 1000 DASH that gives her the right to confirm the authenticity of the network. Now the DASH Core team is working on a new Protocol for communication with nodes that relies on the blockchain and not on the server intermediaries.

In addition, the project soon there will be new technical Director. The team also plans to expand due to new managers of communities.

However, at the moment forecasts for the DASH is not the most favorable. A large part of the volume of trading on the cryptocurrency focused on HitBTC which has not the best reputation. Volumes on Binance extremely small. The chances that DASH, whose peak of popularity came in the summer of 2017, will get on Coinbase every month getting smaller.

In addition to this, the Japanese decision to block the trade anonymous coins can also have a negative impact on the currency.

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