Dash “extremely undervalued” compared to other coins

Dash “extremely undervalued” compared to other coins

According to market research, Dash “extremely undervalued.” The study was conducted by eToro, a company that plans to launch its own cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States.

The investing platform eToro has published marketing study in the Dash, with a detailed description of the currency and the conclusion that it is currently undervalued:

“Dash is one of the most well-developed cryptocurrency in the payment environment, and the community continues to bring the coin to a new exciting level, especially in emerging markets. In addition, according to our research, we think this crypto currency is undervalued compared to all those available on the market.”

A 10-page report contains basic information about Dash, instances of its use, as well as the progress of its implementation around the world:

“Dash has already achieved implementation in several areas. In addition, worldwide there are hundreds of cryptomate and thousands of marketplace that accepts Dash. In any case, despite the fact that it is still mainly used for exchange and storage of funds, Dash has the potential to become something more, and it will be more disclosed in the following sections of the report, which highlights projects that are now developing in a Dash environment.”

It is worth noting that the eToro report also mentions several key projects of the ecosystem, including access to the Venezuelan market and the Alt Thirty Six, focused on the industry of medical marijuana.EToro trading platform is set to launch in the US this year, and there will be Dash

Earlier this month eToro has announced that they will withdraw their cryptocurrency trading platform to the U.S. market. Thus, to the already existing list of the 140+ countries that supports eToro, is added to one of the largest and most important investment markets. Now on the platform there are 10 cryptocurrencies and more than 10 million users worldwide. Access to the US market in conjunction with the report on the market research Dash could bring to the cryptocurrency a large number of new users.

Using this platform, users can invest in a variety of traditional assets and cryptocurrencies. Users can manually trade six different asset classes or to follow the example of investments of other traders on the platform. eToro will also launch a special mobile wallet for the cryptocurrency investment.

The argument “Bitcoin was the first” in the modern world is working less

Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency world is pretty much left aside from Bitcoin-centrism. After the immense problems faced by the currency and the ensuing fork in the past year, fewer and fewer services support Bitcoin as the only currency. This gave the opportunity to other coins like Dash to compete in equal conditions, and as a result, more businesses and investors are paying attention to a wide range of options. Open competition will lead to the fact that in the long run will win the best technology.

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