Dash added on the cryptocurrency exchange Mercury

Dash added on the cryptocurrency exchange Mercury

Representatives of cryptocurrency Dash announced that it is now available for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange Cash Mercury.

Integration means that Dash will be available for purchase and sale through debit and credit cards online.

In the Dash I believe that Mercury Cash, more than 50 percent of whose users are in South America, to help spread the cryptocurrency on the continent, where due to the unstable economic situation in many countries, citizens prefer to use a cryptocurrency instead of Fiat currency.

General Director Mercury Cash Victor Romero agreed with this analysis:

We believe that the people in the country where I come from (Venezuela), are more likely to keep their money in other assets and not in the Venezuelan currency. The same is true for other South American countries, which suffers from inflation.

One of the reasons I like Dash is that it works as a real payment method. This is perfect, because this cryptocurrency is a function of “instant send,” and it allows you to make more transactions per second than Bitcoin.

CEO Dash Ryan Taylor commented on this:

Integration with Mercury Cash will expand the geographic availability of Dash, and we will be able to better serve these markets. Mercury Cash launched recently, but it is already growing at a rapid pace. We see great value in partnership with them.

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